Wants Your Local WebVideos

Are you a Hartford, CT based non-profit that posts videos on YouTube? makes it easy to add your videos to Hartford’s community page (just tag YouTube videos with “americantowns” “Hartford” “Connecticut”- learn how here). Are you a Plainville, CT business owner that tweets about events and promotions? wants to add your twitter feed… Continue reading Wants Your Local WebVideos

TIME LAPSE VIDEO: Use for Impact

Day turns to night, flowers open then wither, a chrysalis morphs into a butterfly, all within a few moments on the screen. Time-lapse video can be a compelling tool to capture something otherwise deemed unable to capture. The first recorded use of the time-lapse technique was by cinematographer Georges Méliès‘ in his motion picture Carrefour… Continue reading TIME LAPSE VIDEO: Use for Impact

Top 5 Video Editing Basics for New Media

Anyone can post a video online.  The creation, edit and upload of a digital video is fast becoming a basic digital communications skill.  If you want your video to be more than just online noise you have to know which options are at play.  Here’s Miceli Productions down and dirty list of the top five video… Continue reading Top 5 Video Editing Basics for New Media