Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.” (Ansel Adams)


Crazy talented.
Outstanding personality.
Thinker of Big Ideas.
A visionary.

These are the qualities clients are looking for today. You know that you and your company fit the bill. And the first thing a prospective client may see is your portrait photo. Don’t let poor quality photos represent you or your organization. In lieu of face-to-face meetings, prospects glean their impressions about you and your business from social media sites and web pages — places that feature your business portrait.

When you need a business photo, a professional photographer is, hands down, the only way to go. Taking a great portrait is so much more than just having a good camera and getting you to smile. It’s all about your attitude, the angles, how you’re standing and being able to elicit and capture the perfect facial expression — it’s all about light, color and having a great photographer!  A professional photograph is a powerful tool, and a well staged image is an opportunity to tell your story and develop a connection with the folks you do business with. The best photographers get you to present yourself in a way that will captures leads and close sales.

Portrait of Elaine Mobley, participant in Having Their Say, a discussion between young and elder black women from Hartford, CT in partnership with Hartford Stage.

Professional photography is key to the success of a business and crucial in building relationships. Having high quality photographs in corporate directories, marketing materials, and on websites project a positive image and highlight professionalism.

When an image is just right, the picture will be the perfect combination of technology and artistry; the finished photo, a testament to credibility and competence.

Headshot Portrait by Miceli Productions Photography Hartford CT for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Real Estate Agent

Portrait for real estate agent, Darcy Sledge. Photo by Miceli Productions.

It doesn’t matter if you are climbing the corporate ladder, sitting at the top, or a savvy entrepreneur, career advancement depends on having a pristine professional reputation and appearance.  A single picture can make or break your professional image. To be perceived in a positive light, invest in yourself.

Invest in a business portrait by an experienced photographer, and consider it money well spent.

Publicity photos speak volumes about your professional image. Competition is tough these days. Turn up the volume! Display photos that showcase the professionalism of your company and highlight your personal commitment to excellence.  A professional photographer understands how to make your presence come to life. When you appear approachable, you’re more likely to have people reach out to you, your services, and your company. Don’t trust an amateur with your career.

Professional Portrait, Business Portrait by Miceli Productions Photography. Hartford CT, New Haven CT.

Professional portrait for Photo by Miceli Productions.

We live in a visual world.

An experienced corporate photographer will produce headshots or portraits that emphasizes your best features, and elude to your character. Your photo appears at the top of online profiles, web sites and publications. See those opportunities as MORE than a chance to make a good impression, make those visuals your personal brand. You know it’s commonplace for prospective colleagues or clients to “check you out” online. Announce that you are a consummate professional. Show them exactly who you are and what you look like. Capture those new business opportunities.

Professional publications and social media platforms used for business are not the place for amateur photography. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t just crop that pic of yourself with your kids at the beach. Revamp your online presence. Update all your social media sites, marketing materials, business cards, bio pages and your resume.

Remember to keep current, too! Ideally, headshots and professional portraits should be updated every few years. Portray an accurate depiction of who you are now (not what you looked like years ago).

What does your current business photo say about you? If you are ready to have it say more, contact us. Serving Southington CT, Hartford CT, New Haven CT, Bristol CT, Cheshire CT, Meriden CT, New Britain CT.