Video as a Fundraising Tool – Our Experience Creating the Promo Video for Daybreak Children’s Rare Disease Fund
Daybreak Children’s Rare Disease Fund logo

Video as a Fundraising Tool – Our Experience Creating the Promo Video for Daybreak Children’s Rare Disease Fund

Miceli Productions is no stranger to creating video content for fundraising work. In the past, we have worked with organizations like Every Dollar Feeds Kids, Bread for Life, and Sunshine Kids to create photo and video content that generates an emotional connection to these causes that have a direct need for supporters. Our videos promote the foundation’s cause and encourage people to donate their money and/or time to the cause. Recently, we had the pleasure to work with a new group with an inspirational message – Daybreak Children’s Rare Disease Fund.
The Mission of this amazing organization is to support the best research aimed at the cure for rare genetic diseases in children. The organization also brings awareness to the diseases without cures and direct brings availability of treatments to those who are afflicted with curable diseases. With such an honorable cause, our intention was to invoke the feelings of empathy, compassion, and urgency to the mass public in the foundation’s latest promotional video.
Daybreak Children’s Rare Disease Fund logo

Video is a very important tool for fundraising because of the impact that visuals have on the viewer – the people in the video directly connect and appeal to the individuals watching. The old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words – this means that people are more likely to relate to someone when they see them actually speaking, rather than when they simply read what the person said. In this way, we would put up facts like “80% of rare diseases are of genetic origin” using a creative typography animation – but it was not until we put that animation over a child buried into his mothers shoulder that we get an emotional response from the viewer. The facts can’t be disputed, but they are truly enhanced by emotional visuals for the viewer to connect to. Because that child IS actually someone we can care for, and help. Daybreak helps children every day.

Video is also great for fundraising purposes since it is a quick way to get the foundation’s point across. A quick 3-minute promo is easy to watch and gets all the information to the viewer, as opposed to having to spend 10 minutes reading a pamphlet or email with the same information. With the rise of websites like YouTube and Vimeo, creating a video to promote a cause has become almost a necessity since it has become so easy to put videos online.  Video content can reach more people invested in supporting a specific cause, and for that reason sharable video content for non-profits should be a cornerstone for outreach campaigns.

Check out our promo for Daybreak Children’s Rare Disease Fund here:
[tg_youtube width=”1024″ height=”768″ video_id=”lUFh6jIbmdM”]
For more information on Daybreak’s mission and how to donate, check out their website here:
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