What’s the special recipe for great photos?
Bride and groom couple sitting on an old Ford pick-up truck with a bright blue sky on their wedding day.

Maine, a truck, a farm, a beach, a couple of dancers, and a wedding, of course!

We don’t usually shoot weddings. But… when a lifelong friend says she’s getting married in Maine in a Dance Hall right down the road from a working perfectly picturesque Farm where we can take all the photos we want, and that after the ceremony they want to spend the night wandering Old Orchard Beach…? Well, you pack up your stuff and head north!  View more photos on 500.px.

Bride and groom in a dip pose with the bridal party looking on. Photo taken in a field at Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, ME. Blue sky, green field, beautiful day!

Red farm tractor pulling a long red farm wagon with a bride in it at Smiling Hill Farm, Westbrook ME.

We had a blast doing Christina and Jake’s wedding photography, and they were such willing and eager (and patient!) participants in the myriad of setups I wanted to try. In the end we got some really exciting images. Turns out they had a friend at the wedding with this amazing restored old Chevy Flatbed truck, so we roped him and his truck into some of the scenes as well.

Bride and groom couple share a moment sitting on an old Chevy pick-up truck with a bright blue sky on their wedding day.

Old green Chevy pickup truck with a bride's head poking out the driver's side window and the groom's head poking out the passenger side window.

After the reception wrapped, we headed to Old Orchard Beach, the Happy Couple drawing the attention of many of the folks there. The newlyweds were showered well-wishes from everyone we met. The bride and groom were, of course, still in their wedding best. Brides and grooms on beaches and amusement parks make for great images. So, thank you Mr. & Mrs. Theriault for an amazing shoot!

Bride and groom taking a ride on the Old Orchard Beach ME carousel after the wedding. Bride is wearing the groom's jacket and is riding on a Merry-Go-Round horse, while the groom stands next to her and looks up at her affectionately.

Bride and groom pose under the Old Orchard Beach ME pier with light painted pillars. Each are leaning up against a pylon, looking at each other with newlywed eyes and a seductive glance. The beach is below them and dusk is falling behind them.

Wedding photo of bride and groom in Old Orchard Beach ME. Taken on the beach at sunset with the bride in the lifeguard chair.

They rode the carousel. Walked on the beach. Sat in the lifeguard chair. And even got a surprise visit from Elvis! Yup, he’s still around!

Bride and groom wedding day portrait in Old Orchard Beach ME with Elvis impersonator posing with them. Ferris wheel in the background, bride has groom's jacket over her shoulders.

Here’s a slideshow we made of the highlights:

[tg_youtube width=”1024″ height=”768″ video_id=”G4sjO_3qtqc”]

All our best, and all our love, Christina & Jake!


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