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The Express-Swing by Stanley

Miceli Productions worked with Stanley Access Technologies to create a product demo video for their new product: The Express-Swing™ door. This video outlines the design behind creating the door, addresses user pain points and provides the answer of how The Express-Swing™ offers a customer solution.

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Continuity Core Demo

Miceli Productions worked with Continuity to create a demo video of their Compliance Core™. The Compliance Core™ for community bank and credit unions, compromising a blend of strategic planning services, regulatory expertise and assurance services - all delivered using a control platform continuously updated with the largest regulatory data and best practice compliance processes.

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Rowland Products Showcase

Miceli Productions worked with Rowland Technologies to create an overview video for their company. We worked with them to film their people and expertise, showcasing their speciality products without giving away trade secrets. More about Rowland:

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Sennheiser Digital 9000 Wireless Product Spotlight

Miceli Productions captured Harry Connick, Jr.'s FOH Engineer John Sprague and RF Coordinator Chuck Smith review of the Sennheiser DIGITAL 9000 Wireless. Video footage of the in-the-field product reviews give viewers first hand insight into products. More on the Sennheiser Digital 9000 Series.

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Ductworks HVAC Service Demo

Ductworks HVAC Services hired Miceli Productions to produce a web video demonstration of a professional duct cleaning for potential customers to view. We staged a demonstration inside a residential home and integrated both voice over and dialogue between the service provider and the customer to bring to life a complete picture of what to expect when choosing Ductworks HVAC Services.

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Product Review from Journey FOH Engineer Jim Yakabuski for Sennheiser

Miceli Productions captured Journey FOH Engineer Jim Yakabuski reviewing the Neumann KH 120 Studio Monitor. On-location product reviews can give your audience first-hand knowledge on your products. More on the KH 120 by Neumann.

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