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ALS: Work Lights Product Feature Highlights

Miceli Productions partnered with Advanced Lighting Systems to create a suite of product demo videos for their next generation of work lights. This video showcases their lighting products features in usability various environments in the field. For purchase information visit ALS Products.

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"Perfect Clarity" ClipMic Digital & MKE2 Digital by Sennheiser & Apogee

Promotional product video for the new ClipMic Digital & MKE2 Digital microphones for use with Apple’s iPhone. The products were designed and created by Sennheiser in association with Apogee Systems. This video was shot and edited by Miceli Productions specifically for Sennheiser to use at the NAB trade show.

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Milk's Journey: New England Dairy Farm-to-Store

An animated promotional video produced by Miceli Productions for the New England Dairy & Food Council. Learn how milk gets from the farm to you in 48 hours!

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Beth Chapman Styling & Consulting The Series Promo

Miceli Productions worked extensively with Beth Chapman to create this thought leadership video series. This suite of downloadable videos seeks to educate independent bridal store owners with best practices to run their bridal store boutiques. The ongoing content creation continues to grow Beth Chapman Styling & Consulting outreach endeavors.

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