7 Leading Trends in Video Marketing

Video has held a prominent role in marketing for decades. From original television commercials to social media clips, there is no denying that video plays an important role in catching the attention of future customers and inspiring conversions. Of course, in today's dynamic digital environment, video marketing trends are constantly evolving. Every year, we see new trends rise and fall based on what interests our audiences or provides the most effective results.

Video marketing trends now are favoring interactive and engaging experiences in both long and short productions. Let's dive into the seven leading video marketing trends this year.

1) OTT: Streaming Advertisements

OTT stands for Over The Top. "OTT (over-the-top) advertising is advertising delivered directly to viewers over the internet through streaming video services or devices. The channel allows media buyers to target precise audience segments and provides the advanced measurement capabilities that digital marketers have come to expect." - Tinuiti

It is the code phrase now commonly used for advertisements in streaming content. Streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video have quickly overtaken broadcast media and any platform that supports ads is a great way to target awareness-building for your products and services. In many cases, you can tailor exactly which video advertisement shows based on the viewing history and interests of individual audience members.

2) TikTok Style Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos, also known as social videos, Instagram videos, and Tik-Tok style videos are all the rage. What started as the TikTok craze has evolved into a hunger for scrollable, short, and catchy videos. With the right energy and imagery, you can use clips only a few seconds long to delight and entertain future customers as they enjoy their endless short video scroll. While longer-form videos have come back for some messaging, short-form videos are a video marketing trend that's here to stay. If you build your productions right, you can maximize your filming by getting content for both long- and short- form videos.

3) Shoppable Content

Shoppable content is when your videos have embedded links to products right in the video. Viewers can click on products in the videos and jump right to the store page. So, if your advertisement features several kitchen appliances or a trendy outfit in your brand, viewers can shop it immediately instead of just following a general link to your online store. As consumers continue to spend more time shopping from multiple devices, shoppable content is a video marketing trend that will see continued growth.

4) Live Streaming

Live streaming adds an element of excitement to podcasts and broadcasts. A live stream is when your video hosts run the show live, responding to a live chat room where they can take questions and directly engage with the audience. There is an element of fun when mistakes are real and your hosts's interpersonal charm becomes part of the show.

Live streams are a popular form of broadcast right now, and are often posted in-full once complete.

5) User-Generated Video Campaigns

Online audiences are hungry for endless, authentic video content. One of the best ways to achieve this is through user-generated video campaigns. Invite your entire audience to submit their own versions of short-form videos. They might dance with the product, show how they use your product at home, or share testimonials. Tailor your UGC (user-generated content) campaigns to suit your brand, both what your audiences want to create and what they want to see. Check out this list of successful UGC campaigns to generate ideas for your brand.

6) Training and Education Videos

Training videos aren't just for internal use. Many people look for how-to videos regarding products and platforms. Why not be your own provider? Have your company experts post short training and education videos on how to assemble, operate, or enjoy your products. Show different use-cases and provide useful insights that your customers may be looking for.

7) Webinars and Video Events

Lastly, video events continue to increase in popularity. Webinars and online lessons are a great baseline, but there are many types of video-style events that your audience may love. Hosted games, expert debates, discussion groups, remote mystery dinners, and even virtual dance parties might all be a hit depending on your audience. Video-style events are a video marketing trend to watch as more technology gets integrated together to make these experiences more immersive to audiences.

If your business is not yet trying out a few of these video marketing trends, now is the time. Increase your visibility and your level of engagement with your audience by producing high-quality videos. Market your products, your brand, and your customer experiences. Miceli Productions can help. Contact us today to consult with an expert commercial video production team.

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