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Video has always been a powerful form of media for any brand. The quality of your video production can determine the overall success of your campaign. This applies to videos used internally, full-length commercials, or bite-sized social media clips.

The better the video quality, the better the campaign performance. At Miceli Productions, we have been producing professional video for small to Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. You could say we know more than a little about the video production process.

Of course, there are many ways to make a compelling video. Our clients often ask about the process of production and so we're pulling back the curtain. Here we'll explain the Miceli Productions video production process for the benefit of our clients and curious audience members across the country.

What is Miceli Productions Video Production Process?

At Miceli Productions, we see the video production process as a journey from brainstorming ideas to final post-production content creation. We guide clients though the complete process, from start to finish. And, can even jump in at any point to bring partial projects to a successful conclusion.

Each waypoint in the production process is important and plays a vital role in the final quality of your brand's video content.

Each step is an important part of the process - creative ideation, pre-production, filming, and post production editing and delivery & placement. Some projects call for more attention to specific areas. But by stepping through each point we can ensure that a completed project has the best chance at being successful and achieving its goal.

Excellent commercial video starts its journey as a creative idea. The idea then evolves through the process of storyboarding and preparation. Next it becomes a fully realized video shoot that we can take further and perfect in the editing suite. Its final strategic end point will be to visually engage your target audience on the platform you choose.

A still images from our video production process. This is a kitchen that will serve as our set for today.

Creative Idea Generation

Great video content starts with a great creative idea. Creative idea generation is the key to portraying your brand, products, projects, mission, or event in ways that intrigue and delight your audience. Your message should resonate, be "on brand" and get your audience to stop and watch your content.

Even if your content plan is quite simple, landing on a creative concept that works well can get your brand to stand out. That visually dynamic final reel will drive engagement and ROI.


The storyboarding process is where we turn your video idea into a production outline. We envision each shot in the video timeline, within the set, how actors or interviewees will interact within the set, the camera angles needed to create the desired effect, and the movement of subjects to be captured from scene to scene. Storyboarding is an essential step when your video is meant to tell a story. The storyboard ensures your story is clear and engaging. 

Live events still benefit from storyboarding. They inform your production team with camera angles and techniques that make your event more visually dynamic in the final production. They illuminate point in the process where you might need a transition to get from point A to point B in your storytelling. And, they show possible challenges in doing that in the live environment. Here, storyboading can prevent missteps and make a clear plan of action for the production team.

Set Design or Venue Prep

Setting the stage is essential for a stunning video of excellent quality. A well-thought-out video with a script typically requires set design. This is true even for tutorials on fixing equipment or appliances. The set design helps create a visually appealing and engaging video. It can also enhance the overall quality and professionalism of the content.

At Miceli Productions, we can easily prepare a video studio for your use. And, we are also capable of transforming a venue into the perfect backdrop for your video content.

Our range of services includes video production on location and in studio. When filming on location, we can prepare filming area that are part of your office, factory or facility. We have experience shooting in clean rooms, laboratories, manufacturing plants of various types, offices, and stores and facilities that require "after-hours" filming.

On the flip side, we also have experience with designing and building sets from scratch. We can lead set-builds that are purpose-built for a production. We've built mock hospital rooms, rooms with warehouses for tool demonstrations, and two-sided sets where the camera can see both sides of a large product installation. Location scouting and securing or prepping the right location for a shoot is a key part of the video pre-production process.

Capturing the Moment

At the pinnacle of video production is the filming process. The director can direct and film scripted content several times until they achieve the perfect shot. And Miceli Productions will ensure that you have everything you need for that perfect take.

For interview based video content, we have skilled producers and directors that direct interviewees through the process. They are experts at making guests that may be unpracticed on-camera feel extremely at-ease. Your viewing audience can feel this in how a person comes across on-camera.

For direct to camera addresses of stakeholders and leadership, we have teleprompters. As a tool used collaboratively with an experienced producer or director, we can get natural feeling messages delivered in a confident, calm environment.

Live events require the skilled hand of a professional videographer to capture the angle, visual quality, and audio quality necessary to produce a high-quality final video. Where and when to capture moments, artistic sensibilities, and attention to detail are necessary for great live event capture. Especially when it comes to executive corporate addresses, TED-style talks, tradeshow floor direct-to-camera content, concerts, or docu-style interviews.

Video Editing and Content Creation

Once the key scenes or events are filmed, we bring the footage into the studio and apply our expert editing skills to create the content you need. We select the best takes and fit together a visually compelling sequence of shots. But more importantly, an expert editors artistic sensibility will mean the video 'feels' right.

Video content can be viewed with different lenses - what resonates with one audience may not be right for another audience. So, video editors have the enhanced responsibility to deliver the right content style, type, and fit for your platform, viewers, etc. Quick transitions may be right for social video, but not a good match for corporate video.

Our video editors are experts in the style needs of our clients and the various types of videos produced. Designing video transitions, graphics, color story, lower thirds and other post production elements are key style choices made by our post-production video editors.

Often overlooked? The soundtrack. We will master the audio for high quality sound playback. We can apply effects to the film to achieve the mood, clarity, and color balance that you desire. We have royalty-free music libraries in our toolbox, sfx libraries, and audio tools within our editing suite that can enhance audio tracks on our video projects.

We can also record voiceover for videos if required and have access to a full roster of voiceover artists and full VO studios that we work with as productions require.

Our skilled editors can create a masterpiece of light, color, overlays, and transitions to produce impactful video content. To keep up with current marketing trends, we can take your long-form video content and make social media shorts and lift photography stills. We offer media packages with a list of deliverables derived from a single shoot. This gives our clients the ability to maximize the investment of their video shoot days.

Stand-alone Project or Subscription Video

Video production needs vary widely from brand to brand and company to company. The final stage of the production process with Miceli Production is the wrap-up and - in many cases - the repeat.

For single projects or documented events, your service will end with the delivery of completed video content in the right format for your platform.

Marketing campaigns often need further videos to fill a pipeline. Miceli Productions provides subscription-style service that cycles through the video production process as many times as you require.

Depending on the industry and the viewership you're aiming to reach, that may be quarterly, monthly or weekly. Video campaigns for seasonal brands can work well with quarterly planning. Video content for sales use is often a better fit for monthly or weekly messaging.

Podcasts produced weekly or bi-weekly are currently still on trend. We can assist you make smart choices about creating a video campaign that fits your product, company, or brand. Production value, type of content and audience can inform an ongoing video content creation plan.

Why is the 'Production Process' Important?

The importance of a complete and professional video production process cannot be understated. The internet is overflowing with examples of videos that only address one or two of the production steps. Completing the entire production process ensures that all videos created by your brand are creative, well-planned, and beautifully executed. This helps them effectively serve their intended purpose.

The ideal video production is as versatile as it is high-quality, able to be sliced into smaller sections of content and used as bite-sized clips for everything from social media marketing to internal microlearning.

By completing the video production process from beginning to end, you have full control over excellent quality video that perfectly meets your project needs and objectives.

Why Hire a Professional Video Production Company for Your Video Production?

Professional video production always stands out. Today, anyone can make a video with their phone and any brand can record a webinar with laptop cameras.built-in laptop cameras. But, will it resonate with viewers? Will it garner attention in an ocean of user-generated content?

Professional video production companies create high-quality work and you can leverage that content. Miceli Productions can transform your best ideas into compelling and versatile video content for full-length productions and bite-sized social media clips - and everything in between.

No matter what your needs - employee training videos, presentation content, or powerful marketing videos - the Miceli Productions video production team is ready to bring your ideas to life. Contact us to consult on your commercial video production needs.

Got a video project in mind?

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