How to turn Promotional Events into Promotional Photo Assets
How to turn Promotional Events into Promotional Assets, title card for blog post by Miceli Productions.

Promotional events are a fantastic way to draw attention to your product and have a great time doing it. When done right they are fun to plan for, fun to implement, and a blast to attend. Even tech service companies can host promotional events by choosing a theme and a few features to show off on presentation devices. In the moment, your event draws in new potential customers who are delighted and fascinated by your exciting product-oriented gathering. It is, essentially, a great opportunity to throw a party for your product. But how to turn that enjoyable time into long-term benefit that can draw in not only live customers, but remote ones later on? The answer is promotional photos, which means making sure you include a professional photographer at every event you plan.

Promotional Photos

While promotional events are fun in the moment, that moment is fleeting. Most of your customers will find you online, either intentionally or through good SEO content helping to guide their search. What they see on your website is what determines if they feel your services are right for them, and their judgment is always positively influenced by beautifully shot pictures of happy staff and customers. No doubt you've seen versions of these promotional photos: smiling people in business clothes shaking hands, apparently working, laughing with colleagues, but most businesses commission these. Even if the people depicted are their real staff (and not carefully chosen models), they are usually still posed and there is a hint of the artificial about the whole image. You can choose to fill the same purpose in a different, more genuine way.

Customers Want The Real Deal

When your staff and customers have a good time at promotional events, it shows. They gesture as they smile or laugh. They banter about the product, play with the display devices, and have real human interactions. Your professional photographer can capture these moments in vivid, beautiful clarity. Potential customers can tell when they're seeing real people having real fun, and when these images decorate your website and accent your content it shows that you are willing to provide the personal touch with every customer you serve. 

Showing Your Colors

By using real photos of your promotional events, and even shots throughout your offices, you are inviting both your customers and future team members to see the true colors of your company. Spice up your 'about us' page with photos of your team members doing their work and pair these fun pictures with quotes and blurbs about the teams and projects. Your company culture, the spirit of teamwork, and each individual's dedication to providing high quality service will shine through and create that special human connection with those who view your website. Worried about not showing your 'best side'? Talk to your professional photographer about what you're hoping to represent and take their advice on how best to achieve this. Sometimes candid shots will be better, while at other times, a centered portrait will have a more powerful effect. Trust their artistic eye and sense of composition to help you display the best and brightest parts of how your business runs on the inside.

Large or small, businesses have a lot to gain from working with a professional photographer who can turn everything from exciting promotional events to employees head-down hard work into promotional assets that will enrich your site and help customers feel more deeply connected to you and your dedicated teams. With professional photos, your most valuable assets (your employees) can be transformed into amazingly effective promotional assets for your website and marketing campaigns. Whether you want a consultation or are ready to hire, contact us today and speak to one of our talented commercial photographers.

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