Staging a Model Office for Your Tech Product Photos
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One of the most prominent trends in capturing tech product photos is the model office. You may have noticed while browsing online stores that there are many different styles of product photos. While all products benefit from a background-free cover photo, it's the accent photos in the gallery that often make the sale. And every type of product requires a unique approach to product photography. Staging a model office allows buyers to put themselves into the scene.

Almost every laptop, keyboard, webcam, and tower computer on the market includes a staged desk scene showing how the tech product might be arranged in a real office. Some are on a warm wooden desk with a little plant and thoughtful journal. Some are in a cool LED-lit personalized game zone. But no matter the style, there is always eye-catching photography of a model office.  

Why is the model office essential for tech product photos? How can you stage the perfect "office" for your tech product's online debut? Let's explore.

Tech Products Customers Want to Have for Themselves

'Staging' is an art form that paints a picture of the life a buyer could have if they buy your product. We hear that term a lot in the real estate selling space... staging a house for sale. That process is helpful for products as well. Each model office is beautiful, with a clean surface and a touch of personalization - just enough to inspire buyers to write in their own personal details. Their own little plant, their favorite color glowing in LEDs, and their hobby items stacked neatly nearby. Buyers easily can imagine themselves in the space.  

The model office frames an office that buyers want to build for themselves, even if their real office environment is very different. Buyers should be able to envisions themselves in your tech product photos. You might notice that black vs white tech are often marketed differently, with white-cased tech glowing in a sunlit office while black-cased tech glows in an LED den. This appeals to the two personality types who both invest in tech products to enhance their space. Likewise, with the home office versus an office in an office space. The key is to stage for your audience. Have multiple types of buyers? Make image campaigns that showcase your product in those different environments. Photo shoots done on the same day, with just a bit of tweaking to the lighting or staging can maximize your shoot costs and give you more images to work with.

Sizing: Smartphone for Scale

Of course, the other important reason to photograph your tech in a model office is to show its size and quality next to other standard office items. There are often pieces that are of a predictable size, like a notebook or smartphone, to show the relative size of the product. This is a very important detail that a floating no-background product photo often obscures. This is a great way to give the customer a good sense of scale.

When building an office, most people benefit from more than just numerical dimensions. They need to see how wide that monitor is compared to a normal keyboard, or how wide that ergonomic keyboard is compared to a standard mousepad. Tech product photos taken in a model office do just that.

Putting It All Together: One Piece of Tech at a Time

Another key reason is to show buyers how each individual tech product fits into a complete office idea. While some people buy workstation bundles, most professionals build their office one item at a time, choosing the features they like best. Giving them a visual reference that has scale, good design, and shows product usefulness are all part of the complete art design for the images.

The model office is an also opportunity to subtly showcase how more than one of your brand's products can make an appealing office design. And, for the elements you don't produce, there's an opportunity to feature business partners' products, creating an allure to upgrade with sleek, high-end items placed next to your products in that model office setting.

Staging the Right Model Office for Your Tech Product Photos

What is the right style and arrangement of model office to stage your tech product photos? It depends on your target demographic. Macintosh, Windows, or Linux? Day or night? Luxury high-end vibe, gamer den, or durable workshop?

Checking with your buyer personas can give you key insights into the model office that resonates with your audience best. Don't be shy about trying several designs! Different designs with a simple color shift can call to a completely different segment of the tech audience. With a smartly designed model office and a targeted shot list, the work can be done efficiently and generate an extremely useful image gallery that sells products. Here at Miceli Productions, we can help you build the perfect model office set (or three!) to capture your tech product photos and create the perfect photo gallery for online listings and web stores. We have the capabilities right in studio to spec your desired design and to stage and prop shoots.

Charm your customers with an office they'd love to create. Contact us today for a product photography consultation.

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