Today’s modern technology is both a blessing and a curse for business owners and brand managers. The good news? New technology means a quicker video production process. It also means a chance to reach an increased potential customer base. The bad news is that consumers have a shorter attention span than they did in the past. In order for businesses to succeed in this era, it’s important to remember size matters — you can say more with less. Use short video clips over text to help reach your audience.

Quick Impact

When there is a short window of time to catch someone’s attention, you’ll need a quick impact element.  In order to make this impact in the traditional written format, writing a short message is a must. Writing for Twitter is a great exercise in how to write short and sweet.  But now all the social platform easily incorporate video extremely well.  So what’s even better? A short video production that transforms the same message into something visual and is easier to understand.

When you compare the two formats — text and video — video definitely has the upper hand. You can share a visual message with customers, feed them the specific images you want them to see, and craft the piece so that is short and accessible.

Lasting Impact on Consumers

Beyond the quick impact, your message needs to have a lasting impact on consumers. Which in our over-saturated media culture, is an ever-increasing challenge. Business owners and brand managers need to ensure that their message rings true to their target customer and that it will resonate long after they see the spot.

In a comparison of video and text this area is a little tighter. The use of text offers the consumer a chance to take the message with them; to think on that phrase, if you will. However, even the best-written campaigns that only rely on text can get easily lost. Lack of a visual element for a customer to quickly recall, might mean the brand is not associated with the correct product. oh-what-a-feeling-toyota(For example, if we said “Oh, what a feeling!” you might conjure up a car company commercial.  But If I used the the visual of the individual jumping in the air AND the whole phrase”Oh, what a feeling! Toyota!” then you have a clean recollection of the brand’s advertising message.) Today’s society is visual, so capitalize on that fact — especially when promoting your company and products.

In these situations, the benefit of video is short-term quick messaging that creates lasting impact. Oftentimes a consumer remembers a picture or clip of an item or company more than just the wording. (We remember those specific car commercials as “the Toyota commercials” because the short video element of the person jumping paired with the phrase gave us exactly what we needed to remember them.) intel-logoAlso note, a brand can also mix sound cues into the video to help the consumer easily remember them — a good example would be the Intel logo and brand sound, which we all know very well.

Short single-message video clips combined seamlessly with music and text help sell your idea, brand or product. Remember, less is more! Go for creating a short, succinct message with a compelling visual element.

Flexibility for Posting

Prior to creating a marketing campaign, business owners and brand managers need to think about where the video will air. Repeat visibly is key. Short videos are great for posting and sharing.

Again, a text only message can easily gets lost in posting. But good or interesting video content is quickly shared. Consider that it’s easy to add text to social media. Now consider that we’ve now entered an era where using video is just as easy to add to virtually all social media platforms as text.  So go with the added visual!

Web video for marketing and businessWhen planning your visuals, always keep in mind the video length. Some platforms such as YouTube allow users to create longer videos. This is ideal to introduce new products or services. But with waning attention spans, short, succinct promotional clips can work better for many social messages.

In a head-to-head comparison, video once again rules. It creates a visual memory for consumers. And it’s also just as easy to post in a variety of locations across the internet to create a greater draw for your brand channels.

Going Mobile

A final element to consider is “going mobile”. Consumers are now constantly on the go. Mobile technology benefits the customer who shops on their commute or at lunch. However, it does get tricky when creating a marketing campaign.

In this area, the use of text can be a concern especially if it’s not created for the mobile format because it may be difficult to read. Keep in mind there are a variety of phone screen sizes on the market which makes choosing a font style and size difficult for a written piece sometimes challenging. (As a side note, everything created now should really be optimized for mobile.)

Grandmas, kids, and young professional are all going mobile. Smart phone use is climbing.

Everyone is going mobile.

A video, on the other hand, is easy to see on any smart enabled mobile device. Again, less is more! Do not make mobile videos long, as often customers only have a short time to see the whole video. If adding text use links instead of a traditional font to make it more mobile-friendly.

In this element, video wins easily because of its mobility. A short video is easier to see even if the consumer only has between subway stops to watch.

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