10 Trending Ways Marketers Are Using Video
10 Trending Ways Marketers Are Using Video

Trending ways to use video marketing

Video is now a cornerstone tool for many marketers and new ways of using it crop up everyday. With so many new channels and opportunities opening for the use of video marketing, we're going to take a minute to discuss 10 trending ways to use video marketing.

Live Webinars

Live webinars are extremely effective. Many things factor into this, including the excitement that builds up before the start of the webinar, the community feeling that is created by

watching a presentation live together with many other people, and the limited time offers that are presented during the webinar and through follow-up emails after the webinar.

Automated Webinars

Automated webinars are essentially webinar replays that appear to be live. This is accomplished by setting up a landing page where users can register for the webinar, which will bereplayed during specific preset times. Visitor stat counters are active during these replays, and you can even have an assistant answering live chat questions. Automated follow-up emails also appear to be live and contain “limited time” offers.

Facebook Live VideoFacebook Live Logo

You don’t have to hold your webinar on a platform such as WebinarJam or GoToWebinar. Facebook Live is a fantastic free platform that many brands (and even the White House) are using. Send an email out to your subscribers before the live presentation starts, and post about it on your Facebook page. The best part is that Facebook will itself notify your followers when you are live.

Instagram Video

Instagram now allows for videos of up to 60 seconds. Use this opportunity to give your followers an inside peek into your staff, company, backend office, etc. This is a great way to connect with your fans on a personal level. Don’t be too promotional; make it fun and exciting.

Snapchat Videos

Snapchat isn’t a platform that marketers should ignore. It has millions of users and is very popular among young people. Snapchat videos are short; they’re only 10 seconds each. It’s great for revealing new product launches or exclusive coupons.

The best part of Snapchat is the ability to create “stories,” which are basically a string of 10-second videos. You can reveal several new and exciting company developments at once. Offer a coupon at the end of the story to get people to watch through the entire thing.


Twitter is another platform where videos come in handy. Your regular tweets are limited to a small number of characters; uploading a video is a great way to fit more in. You can use also Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming platform, for live presentations.


Tumblr isn’t just a micro-blogging platform. It’s great for uploading images and short videos. Funny GIF videos would work well with Tumblr’s user base.

YoutubeWeb video for marketing and business

How can you mention video marketing and leave out Youtube? With billions of users, Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. It’s great for marketing: cards, links, and call-to-actions are easy to set up. Videos can be embedded on your blog, and Youtube videos tend to rank high in Google’s organic search results. It’s also a great place to hold live presentations.


Vimeo is much smaller than Youtube, but it still deserves a mention. You’ll have less competition than Youtube, making it easier to get discovered. Users also won’t have to sit through ads before your video starts playing.

Other Social Platforms

There are many other social platforms that don’t support video, but can still be used to drive traffic to your existing videos that are hosted on Youtube or elsewhere. You can pin your videos to Pinterest or share them via email or on Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Reddit, and many other platforms.

Consider these trending ways to use video marketing when you create your marketing plan. And, for all of your video production needs, contact us.

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