5 Things You Want Your Head Shot to Say About You
5 Things You Want Your Head Shot to Say About You. Head shots Portraits in CT Connecticut, Southington, New Haven, Hartford.

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Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a baker who runs a small local cake shop, or a jazz musician, virtually everyone in the professional realm benefits from a killer head shot portrait. When you invest in a head shot portrait, you can use it across multiple social media platforms to boost your brand strength and give viewers a great first impression. If you plan on getting head shots for the first time or replacing old ones with something more current but are stumped and without inspiration, here are five things you will want your professional head shot portrait to say.

  1. Hello My Name is...: The very first priority you want to address in regards to your professional head shot portrait is personality.

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    Above all else, you want your head shot to give first-time viewers a fairly good idea of who you are and what your personality is. If you are a lawyer, you may want something a little less distracting or overly colorful. If you are a yoga instructor, you'll want to show off a content, zen, and peaceful side. Think about the industry you're in and your own personality and aim to get a head shot that effectively infuses both elements.

  2. I'm Approachable: Without trying to sound like you should strike a pose or give a huge grin in the attempts to make everyone like you, you should do everything possible to ensure your head shot is one that shows a friendly, approachable nature. Of course you can get a great head shot portrait without smiling in it and still come off as approachable and someone people would want to connect with. The key is just making sure that your head shot resonates warmth and shows the face of someone people know they can trust.
  3. I Know What I'm Doing: This is something you really can't fake, even in a photo. You want your head shot portrait to be a representation not just of who you are and what your personality is like, but what you can do for potential clients. Show them through your head shot that you are clearly experienced in your field and can confidently, expertly provide people with an outstanding service or product. Capturing a photo that shows off your expert side is a great way to further establish the trust necessary to attract more clientele.

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  4. I Take Pride in My Appearance: If a professional takes pride in their appearance, from what they wear to how well they maintain their personal hygiene, it reflects the kind of pride they take in their work. And people want to hire people who take pride in their work and are passionate about providing the best service or product they can. Obviously you know better than to wear an over-sized sweatshirt and don some wild bedhead. Before the day of your head shot photo shoot, spruce up as much as possible to show a clean cut and flawlessly professional, yet personable side of yourself. If you want to go to the next level, having an appointment with a stylist right before your photo shoot, or having your photographer provide a stylist, can bump your image up even more.
  5. I Love What I do: This is yet another one you just can't lie about.

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    People can tell when someones really enjoys what they do and when people just do what they do to make a living. Though smiling in a head shot portrait isn't necessary, you want to make sure you are smiling with your eyes. There should be an undeniable, impossible-to-hide smile in your eyes that proves to viewers and potential customers that you are the man or woman who is passionate about delivering exceptional work.

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