Back To School: The Rise of 'Ease-of-Use' Audio Installs

With the tough economy hitting school budgets and technology expectations within educational institutions continuing to escalate, Miceli Productions has noticed a rise in the demand for our "Ease-of-Use" audio installs.

Recent clients include Intensive Education Academy (West Hartford, CT), Mercy High School (Middletown, CT) and The Ethel Walker School (Simsbury, CT).  Each school was looking for a high quality, cost-effective, multipurpose audio system that wouldn't require dedicated staff to navigate. 

As lead consultant on the installs, Michael Miceli shares how schools can get what they need and not be taken to the cleaners.

"It is expected for institutions to be able to support large scale events and productions of a wide variety.  They can no longer get away with not having technology to do this.  Many schools, however, get oversold on their audio system technology, ending up with interfaces or back-ends that they can't make sense of or easily hand off. This ultimately is very frustrating and a huge waste of resources.

If you make smart decisions you can get high quality audio systems without needing a tech person to run your sound - while still having the ability to scale up.  For example, most schools only do a major musical production with wireless head mics and a sound designer once a year.  The rest of the year they generally just need to be able to walk in, push a button, and be able to use the room.

The most important thing we do with a potential client is have an in-depth conversation with everyone that uses the room to find out what their needs are.  We've done this for nuns, for principals, head custodians, faculty, choir masters, students and staff.  It's not enough to just know the gear.  These organizations have limited resources; it is important to help them maximize their investment." - Michael Miceli

Gear we use and trust as audio and video installation consultants: AKG, Audiotechnica, Lectrosonics , MiPro, NEC, Panasonic, PreSonus, QSC, Sennheiser, Sony.

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