Good to Great: Corporate Photograph Secrets Revealed

As a photographer you have to do what it takes to make a good photo the priceless photo your client needs it to be. Miceli Productions HD recently photographed the celebration for Amphenol Corporation's retiring CEO, Martin Loeffler, at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.  This important occasion resulted in a photo book titled "Martin Loeffler: 37 Years of Excellence," a gift for Martin chronicling the special event.  Unfortunately, 2 key executives were missing when this photo - the photo selected for the cover image - was taken.  Luckily, our digital media expertise came to the rescue.  Check out the before and after images below.

  • Digitally added 2 executives who were not originally in the photo and reconstructed full-body poses for them.
  • Digitally removed event table in the foreground that was distracting
  • Digitally increased the landscape of the room in the background.
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