Shoppers Want Video: Target Your Videos to Satisfy Shoppers
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Shoppers Want Video

Videos Targeted at Satisfying Shoppers

There's no doubt that in our busy world, we love to shop online. But we hate being dissatisfied, disappointed and having to return merchandise. We really hate that. Many shoppers don't return merchandise. Instead they never shop on that website again. Videos built into the online shopping experience instill four points for selling success.

Potential customers can see how a product or service actually works.

Shoppers want to see product use, as well as visually see how items are crafted and get a sense of its quality.

So many products are something we use in our home or business or perhaps will be giving as a gift. It's so hard to stare at that screen, loving what you see and ready to buy... but then that little voice worries about all the things you can't see. Is it complicated or hard to put together? Can you tell it's size or strength from the photos? Having a video of a product close-up demonstration is like having a video chat with an employee in that store — showing you exactly what you are getting and demonstrating how it works — in ways that resonate with your needs and environment.

Videos are the next best thing to hands-on experience.

It's difficult for a company to predict every scenario for potential customers and their use of new products. Even watching a video can't answer everything, but it shows real experiences, real hands-on use of products in a variety of scenarios. Videos not only provide otherwise unknown answers, but they also help customers envision questions they never knew they had. All of this results in a more satisfied experience over all. A happy customer returns again and again.

Tech savvy shoppers are purchasing more and more items from their mobile phones.

Shopping online is the new norm and for high-end items, the risk is greater.

Without video, it's hard to imagine why anyone would spend a large amount of money on a big-ticket item, without some serious word of mouth or having owned it before. Now sellers with video can sell computers, appliances and even cars without the one-on-one sales floor interactions that often involve more than one visit to the store.

Today's target audience are tech savvy.

The online shopper wants to experience all the bells and whistles. They are easily bored and harder to please because they are always one click away from something faster and better. Merchandise without video demonstration takes them back in time. And captures that coveted short attention span.

Videos say it all.

You want your customer to know the truth about your product. You don't want to unintentionally mislead them, simply because they only have a photo to look at. Returns are costly for everyone and first impressions can never be replaced.

People are shopping anywhere, anytime. In cabs, between meetings, on their lunch break. Product videos need to match their buying habits.

More than half of all shoppers are more likely to buy when they can see a video as part of the process. Shoppers want video. About the same amount agree that mobile videos allow for spur-of-the-moment shopping. Shoppers love video and they want more. Almost half of online shoppers would like to see more videos in their online shopping experiences. The internet is fast. Potential customers are shopping on their phones, in the back of moving cabs, on their lunch breaks and in between meetings. A video shows them everything they need to know so they can buy with confidence in the spur of the moment.

Imagine your existing customer base and your products, advertised and sold as they are without video. It doesn't take long to think of how drastically that would all change with a video. A living, moving, high-definition movie of someone using and demonstrating your products. Video only adds and multiplies. Your mediocre sales become great. Your great sales change your business, your profits and your life.

Contact us to create an amazing professional video that insures the viewers go nowhere else. Seeing your product come alive on-screen will instantly show you exactly what your client sees and feels. We're certain you'll be convinced as quickly as they will.

Got a video project in mind?

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