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No other advertising medium possesses
the power of broadcast television.

Contact us — we’ll be happy to show you how far your advertising dollars can go. Television has the advantage of sophistication – ahead of any other medium. The combination of visual and auditory stimulation can create a powerful message that can be broadcast to thousands of viewers. Take that strong message, add advertising creativity, and your commercial becomes compelling, educational and memorable. Then add quality audio, interesting camera angles and a well-thought-out script that connects with your audience and finalize it with the highest attention to detail and editing expertise — the outcome is advertising at its best. A television commercial has the ability to showcase your product and demonstrate its use, highlight your business strengths and personalize your company. Most importantly, you can target a wide audience at an affordable price.

Miceli Productions HD will customize your television commercial contract based on how much or how little support you desire. If your company has a full marketing department in-house, they may want to handle scripting and casting. If you are in need of full support, we can take you from pre-production to completion. This includes scouting locations, script development, casting the commercial and scoring the accompanying audio. Whatever your needs, we will work with your staff to create a commercial that turns your vision into a powerful advertising tool. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we understand the challenges that come with on location shooting and we know how to tackle them.

Target your advertising message with the power of broadcast media.