Video content marketing has been extremely beneficial for the vast number of businesses that exist today. Part of what makes videos so useful is that they can serve multiple purposes on multiple platforms. For example, when visitors come to your official website for the first time, it might bode well for you to include a sleek, professionally produced video on the homepage that contains pertinent information related to your company. A video can also be useful for your business travels so that you have another way to explain your business to people with whom you come in contact. But what seems to be the top platform for video content right now is social media. If you are going to implement a video marketing strategy, you'll need to use your videos on social media to develop an even broader audience. Let's take a look at some current trends in video marketing and how to use them to boost your social media presence.

  1. Quality Will Outperform Quantity: This is applicable to most things in the business sphere; if you want to win over your audience, you're only going to be able to do that with high quality video content, not a surplus of video content. Tempting though it may be to churn out video after video with the hopes of attracting and maintaining the attention of social media followers, it will prove to be more damaging in the long run. You really don't need tons of video content to make a good impression. Instead, you need high quality video content. And high quality means that it should be produced professionally with the right equipment, and the content within the video must be of interest and value to the user. Focus on developing smart, laser sharp strategies with your video content rather than uploading videos with no end goal in mind for those videos.

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  2. The Video Marketing Budget Will Continue to Grow: As video content continues to take up more of the "content pie", so too will the budget for video content marketing continue to grow. More companies and brands will place heavier emphasis on developing more strategic video marketing campaigns and that will require them to shift the marketing budget toward video content. And not only will the video content budget continue to grow in order to boost brand identity on social media and other parts of the web, so too will the budget for video advertising. Don't expect to see a lack in brands that continue to invest in video ads on YouTube and other social media platforms.Wordle on Video Content Basics
  3. Engaging Videos Will Be Become "King": Of all the types of video content that exist, engaging videos will be at the top of the list. These videos prioritize conversation. For example, once the video ends, viewers will see text that includes instructions like "leave a comment", "subscribe", and "share this video". So when you are creating your video content for social media, you are going to want to include these phrases since the purpose of them is to capture and hold the attention of your viewers. It is vital that you create engaging videos since they will show platforms like Facebook and YouTube that your video is doing well enough to rise to the top in rankings and visibility, thus getting more people to see and share your video.One of the benefits of using video for marketing and advertising, is that it creates a strong sense of trust within your audience

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