At some point in the growth of a professional entity — whether it is a large corporation, mom and pop retail store, or an office building — will be a need for sleek, professional photography. You'll want to display images on your website and in marketing literature that impress your target demographic. In order to do that, you'll want the best images you can get. You'll need to hire a commercial photographer. And that's why you won't want an amateur doing the photography work; it's best to invest in an experienced, specialized photographer. And to get the best photographer for your needs, there are some things you should consider. In this post, we will go over five critical questions to ask before you hire a commercial photographer.

  1. What Photography Experience do You Have?
    This is one of the most obvious questions to ask, but is more in-depth that one might realize at first glance. When you ask this question, some photographers may give you a vague response by simply showing you a portion of their work or merely divulging the number of years they have been working. What you really what to know when you ask this is what specific type of photography they are most experienced in shooting? If a photographer tells you they have 15 years of wedding photography experience, it won't matter if you need a commercial photographer. Before you hire a commercial photographer, make sure your photographer has experience in your speciality.

    Photo by Miceli Productions PHOTO + VIDEO, Hartford CT.
    PGA Golf Resort, FL. Image by Miceli Productions PHOTO + VIDEO.
  2. Can I See Some of Your Work?
    Any reputable photographer has a body of work known as a portfolio that is readily available for potential clients to view. Usually this portfolio is found on their website, a professional portfolio site, and on social media. Get familiar with the photographer's style and make sure it reflects exactly what you are looking for with regards to your commercial photography needs. By checking out their portfolio, you can also get a sense of their versatility and creative eye along with a view of other types of photography they might specialize in.

    Commercial Photography by Miceli Productions, Hartford CT.
    Photo by Miceli Productions.
  3. What do You Need From me?
    Depending on the style of the shoot and the goals you have for it, you may need to supply your commercial photographer with a few things. Ask them what they might require of you before hiring them for the job. If you want several different commercial spaces photographed, they might need a complete list of all the areas that you want photographed along with any specifics. If you're asking them to photograph large products, ask them how they operate to manage the shooting day. Every situation is unique, but by discussing it you'll be prepared to get the best shots.

    Commercial photography for laboratories and scientists, image by Miceli Productions. Hartford, CT.
    Commercial photography for laboratories and scientists, image by Miceli Productions.
  4. Do You Need to See the Site Before Shooting?
    Depending on the complexity of the photo shoot, some commercial photographers will need to see the site beforehand. They may want to search for natural light sources, weather, consider particular angles to use, and evaluate what equipment they will need to bring with them. Should the photographer need to meet with you before the actual shoot, make sure to have a day and time when you are available to discuss the specifics.

    Rex Forging, photo by Miceli Productions. Hartfrod CT
    Rex Forging, photo by Miceli Productions
  5. What Does Your Fee Include?
    You don't want to jump into hiring a commercial photographer if you can't afford them. Make sure that you know what the cost will be before going forward with the job. Typically, photographers will require a deposit ahead of time and then will invoice you after the photo shoot. Don't be afraid to ask them what the fee includes and get an itemized list of what everything costs.

    Amphenol HQ 2015. Group photo at Amphenol HQ, Wallingford CT. Photo by Miceli Productions PHOTO + VIDEO.
    Group photo at Amphenol HQ, Wallingford CT. Photo by Miceli Productions PHOTO + VIDEO.

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