Professional photos should look, well, professional.

Having said that, however, we also understand that there are many professionals that could easily make use of a few props for a clearer picture of who they are and what they do. First impressions really do make a huge impact. The more information that you can present to a client, without appearing overbearing, the better.

Now, with all of that in mind, you might be wondering what kinds of props would be appropriate and when to use props for you professional commercial photographs. First of all, understand that sometimes, breaking off from the norm can be a great way to stand out. In today's world of fierce competition, it can be good to set up a shot in a way that catches a clients eye and makes them look just a bit longer. So let's take a look at some different prop-worthy ideas.

The Modern or Environmental Look

Headshot Portrait by Miceli Productions Photography Hartford CT for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Real Estate Agent
Portrait of real estate agent Darcy Sledge by Miceli Productions. This image uses a window element to connect her image to being a real estate agent.

This is a great choice for the professional who might be looking for something a little more chic than the average professional photo. It could be something as simple as a differing pose such as an arm over the knee, a jacket thrown over the shoulder or relaxing in a comfortable chair. These are great for professionals such as bankers, real estate agents and educators. Or, you could make use of your surroundings for a great professional shot. Using the backdrop of a conference room can relay your professional demeanor, as can sitting on your office sofa with a laptop nearby, or sitting at a desk with an open book in your hand can show you in your element.

The Outdoor Look

Cyclist photo by Miceli Productions. Fitness photography in Southington CT.
Fitness and sports photography by Miceli Productions.

Sometimes a professional shot can be brought to life by simply moving outdoors. A wonderful choice for those in construction, architectural design and gardening, an outdoor shot can epitomize the real you. In this niche, you can turn half-built buildings, modern art sculptures and lush greenery into the perfect prop. Again, the idea is not to go overboard, but to put enough of your persona into the photo that people may not even realize why they are drawn to you. A tasteful choice of attire for the photo will surely seal the deal.

The Executive or Editorial Look

Executive portrait photography by Miceli Productions. Hartford CT
Portrait photography for doctors, CEO's and executives by Miceli Productions.

Executives often get trapped into the same old professional photo with a near-generic look that can leave you blending in so much that you get lost in the crowd. However, with the right use of ambiance and a tasteful prop placed just so, you can turn your professional shot into something so savvy, all heads will turn in your direction. Choosing a different setting can really make a difference, such as utilizing a lobby instead of an office or board room, or you can make a statement by staring back at the camera, and your potential client, from a mirror. Executives are people too, and sometimes it's okay to capture that as well.

The Digital Background

Sports and fitness photography by Miceli Productions. Southington CT
Sports and fitness photography by Miceli Productions. This image is a portrait with a digitally composited background.

There may be times that really warrant the use of a digital background as opposed to something natural. If the season is in direct contrast to the type of professional photo you want or need, you might be better served by this option. The possibilities can literally be endless and makes a great choice for those in such complex businesses as advertising, web services or freelance services. A freelance writer might want to be photographed in a prestigious library, for instance, but travel may make that impossible. Digital background can create that look for you, right from the comfort of our nearby, professional studio.

These are only a few of the many options you have for selecting props in your professional commercial photos. Contact us to help make you stand out in your industry.