Using Video for Business: A discussion of where and how and to use different types of video.
Using Video for Business marketing is essential, Miceli Productions offers video production services like seen in the photo. Photo of Michael Miceli filming a scene in a hospital.
Ok, so we've discussed Video Content Basics and Types of Videos to Use for Business.

Now, it goes without saying that you need to pick the right type of video for your application.  You need to connect with your target audience. There is a reason we use the term ‘video content marketing’.  What we’re doing with video these days is really still marketing - but using the visual tool of video and your online space to gain market share, connect with users, advertise, or socially inspire fans and followers. The key to great video is crafting messages that inspire, captivate and enthrall - messages that really CONNECT with viewers. Scripting video messages that drive ENGAGEMENT.

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We discussed in detail the types of videos to use for business and some of the reasons for using those specific types.  However, as with most things, we can look at it from another angle.  Let’s analyze WHY we use certain types of video in certain places - where are we going to put our company overview? How should we promote that event video? Should my company really have a YouTube channel? Why IS video important in my content marketing strategy?

In today’s environment of mobile, social, easily consumable information, we find THE VIDEO. Content marketing strategy these days is much more than just the printed word.  Good content strategists strive for content that is readable and understandable, findable, actionable and shareable in all of its various forms. (Content Marketing Institute. "Creating Valuable Content: An Essential Checklist". Video content fits into a good content marketing strategy.  When properly crafted it can be found in search, keyword-ed, is socially sharable, can make topics easier to understand, and can have embedded calls-to-action.  If you want to fully jump into the Inbound Marketing lake, round out your content with well-crafted video. Dollar-for-dollar, video content is delivering great returns on investment as we discussed in Video Content Basics. (Don’t take it from us, take a look at industry-leader Brightcove’s “Analyzing the ROI of Video Marketing”. Their first point? Why Video.)So, where and how can you capitalize on using video for business?

  1. Where? Your Company Website.

 Video should be all over your company website. You can optimize it for search engines (SEO). Videos will return separately in search results, many times driving up your content search results. Your company Homepage, About As page, Recruitment page, Product pages - all are prime real estate for video content that delivers the specific message you want.  For many companies, their website is their primary interaction point with potential clients/customers.Your Homepage is your first impression for many potential partners and customers and loyal customers may return frequently. Give them content they can use in the form of updates, milestones, announcements and rewards. Don’t let them read text with their own tone - put someone interesting on screen, using your product.  Burton snowboards? Meet Shaun White or Kelly Clark.  Celebrate your company’s 75th Anniversary? Roll out a short documentary history of the company. Duncan Hines? Show your version of hand made cake pops.  The list goes on. But remember - video can be engaging or off-putting. (Think about those uncomfortable Windows commercials last year.) Create high-quality video content that resonates with your audience.Produce a high-quality company overview. Post either on your Homepage or your About Us page. Period.Got products? Use video on sales pages to discuss special features of each product you offer.  Make something unique? Deliver product information in an easily to understand video like Rowland Technologies. Rolling out something new? Discuss the design with the project engineers and let your customers meet them with video.

    Screen grab of the HealthyWage website, featuring 5 models from a photo shoot coordinated by Miceli Productions
    HealthyWage Homepage

    Let people learn MORE about your company. Let them see behind the veil. What’s your take on social responsibility? What is your culture like? What do your people do for fun? How does the leadership shape company morale? Where did your company ‘grow-up’? Craft great stories. Great story-telling has been the key to remembering message from the dawn of human communications.

    To use the cliche, there is no limit to what your can do! Creativity knows no bounds. (Budget is another matter - we’ll get to that in the next article.)

  2. Where? Your social media channels. 

Use video to announce special offers. For loyalty programs. Behind-the-scenes. Let your audience peek into the goings-on of the company. Enhance the transparency of your company. Show them, don’t tell them!

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    Videos on social media are HUGE.  They are easily sharable and can link to other places you have content. A call-to-action to the viewer to then become a fan or follower can help populate your social media channels with devoted customers.  Everyone knows that keeping in touch with your social media followers is important - use video as another avenue to reinforce the bond you have with them. Don’t underestimate the value of user generated video content as well.  Social media is the perfect informal place to solicit user generate video content and use it to drive an initiative - a contest, giveaway or reward program.  Many organizations use UGC with great success.

  3. Where? Your Youtube Channel. 

YouTube give your videos a far-reaching audience that is searching specifically for content.  YouTube video content, when keyword-ed properly, is also returned in video search results, beneficial for content creators that might be competing with other companies for the same keywords.

    A laptop showing Miceli Productions YouTube Channel
    Miceli Productions' YouTube Channel

    A YouTube Channel also gives your company an easily managed curation tool for your videos. Do you have a library of product videos? Want to segment them by type?  Create specific playlists for each variation. Can you develop content that drives user engagement and WANTS to be kept ina  public media library like YouTube?  The Home Depot has several playlists of ‘How-To’ projects for the do-it-your-selfer, and that content ultimately drives more customers to their stores.  Users can embed from other places for SEO benefits/search-ability or ease-of-use benefits. You can also use  video content posted on YouTube to embed to your company website.  Thus gaining the benefits of having video both on your website and on YouTube.


Video content is an integral part of your content marketing strategy.  Along with the other pieces of your marketing collateral, carefully consider where video best fits in to your brand. Story-telling authenticity makes for great content.  CONNECT with your audience by telling great stories through video.

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Using Video for Business topics discussed include:

Chapter 1: Video Content Basics.
Chapter 2: Types of Videos to Use for Business.
Chapter 3: A discussion of where and how and to use different types of video.
Chapter 4: I want to market using video… Now what?
Chapter 5: Finding and choosing a great production company.
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