Want results? Use VIDEO on your Landing Pages
Want results? Use VIDEO on your Landing Pages. Miceli Productions PHOTO + VIDEO, Hartford CT Video Production

A video landing page is highly effective — especially when you use video on lead generation landing pages and email opt-in pages.

Landing pages are designed for the sole purpose of making conversions. Unlike other web pages such as the home page, landing pages focus on one thing: enticing the visitor to take one desired action. This can be any one of a number of actions including making a purchase, joining an email list, or filling out a lead generation form. Many of the attributes that attract people to video such as its ability to engage, tell a story, and evoke emotion, also make video highly effective on many types of landing pages. Read on to learn why your video production for business should target landing pages.

Four Benefits of Using Video Landing Pages

  • It's easier to absorb. Reading text requires more concentration, which may be difficult for the visitor depending on her or his circumstances. Mobile device users access the Internet wherever they happen to be, often in places which aren't exactly quiet libraries. By contrast, consuming video is effortless. Because of this, more people will stay on your landing page and consider your offer.
  • It shows your product in action. Seeing and hearing your product in action gives the viewer a clearer idea of its benefits, what it looks like, and how it performs. That's a lot of information (and therefore effort) to take in via text, yet is effortlessly absorbed as a video. It's also easier to imagine oneself using and benefiting from the product. Once the viewer engages in this kind of vicarious experience, a conversion is close at hand.
  • It makes a more lasting impression. People often take their time before making purchases. This means they will leave your landing page and think or sleep on it a bit before returning later and making a purchase. Some people make multiple visits before deciding. This can only happen if your presentation makes a lasting impression. Video does this well because it combines moving images, words, and sounds that serve to reinforce memory. Emotion, which video effectively conveys, also strengthens memory.
  • It increases trust. Trust is an important conversion factor. Even when the legitimacy of a business isn't an issue, people still prefer doing business with those they know something about. Although you can accomplish this with a photo of yourself on your website and with lots of helpful blog content, a well-made video does this more efficiently.

Stanley ProCare 8300 ICU Door landing page, video by Miceli Productions
Example of video used on a lead generation landing page - Video by Miceli Productions for Stanley Access Technologies:

Two Important Landing Pages That Should Have Video

One of the most important landing pages is the email list opt-in. Email marketing has been in use for a long time and is still highly effective today. Despite this, too many websites rely exclusively on an opt-in form that's placed in a corner of each page. However, people have developed a blindness to items on the periphery of a page because that's where adverts often reside. This is one reason why building a large list takes so long.

Businesses fail to give the list sign-up the same priority as is given to selling a product or service. Opt-in rates, and therefore the cultivation of repeat customers, would be hugely increased with a dedicated landing page. This is especially true when it includes a video of you personally promising the viewer the specific benefits of joining your list.

Video is also effective on lead generation landing pages. Using white papers to entice visitors to fill in contact forms works. However, conversion rates are higher when the white paper is given a sales pitch using video. Make a strong case for reading the white paper by telling the viewers what they will learn and by extolling its benefits. Give away some of its information as an "appetizer." Make a point of how much they are getting by simply filling in the form. Keep it short and sweet.

The effectiveness of a video landing page depends heavily on its video quality. Need help with your video production?  Contact us at Miceli Productions.

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