Do I need professional product photos for my e-Commerce site?
DO I NEED PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT PHOTOS FOR MY E-COMMERCE SITE? Post by Miceli Productions, commercial photo in CT.

Product Photos for e-Commerce

Visual content is an essential foundation of a business's website. Most people who view websites daily are more attracted to images than pages that are only filled with paragraphs of text. This preference of website viewers will certainly increase over the coming years. If you have not had a chance to sit down and plan your product photos for e-commerce posts, this is the perfect time to do so.

Better Competition

Product photos by Miceli Productions, studio located in CT.
Photo for Lil Bird Design by Miceli Productions.

You will find that many consumers will browse a variety of websites in order to find the lowest price. As more consumers are taking this route, more businesses are putting more money into their marketing strategies in order to keep consumers' eyes on their websites.

Regardless of what type of products you sell, there are going to be some of the same types of products on other websites. This means that your website should have the perfect product photography strategy, regardless of the size of your business. It does not matter if you want to address a small market or a global market, one of the best ways to distance yourself from other retailers is to use perfect imagery. Selling products that are authentic and of higher quality than other products? Your images should reflect the products you are selling.

Social Media Networks

In 2017, businesses are placing a heavier emphasis on what they post to their social media networks. Social media viewers react, whether positive or negative, to images on social media that are of high-quality. Social media viewers love to share visual content that is attractive and interesting. What does this mean for you? Simple. Your product photos for e-commerce should look professional. This also means that your product photography should be able to set your brand apart from others. You want your social media presence to be above the rest, and product photography can be the key to making this happen.

Product photos by Miceli Productions. Commercial photo in Hartford / New Haven CT.
Photo by Miceli Productions for NextGen Baits.

If you post on Twitter, you may not always like the fact that you are limited to a word count. However, posting a single image can attract more attention than just 140 (or even 280!) characters. As an e-commerce business, it is important that people have the opportunity to effectively view your products. Your products are the foundation of your business, right?! If your photographs do not reflect the actual quality of your products, the entire perception of your customers and potential customers can change greatly.

The World Of Mobile Devices

It does not matter where you are, you will always see people walking or driving around with a mobile device in one hand. More people have access to the internet because of mobile devices. This means more people will view your website, your products, and your social media pages on the go. Due to the increased amount of internet usage, it is so important that you capture people's attention quickly and easily.

Rowlux Illusion Film. Product photo by Miceli Productions for Rowland Technologies, Wallingford, CT.
Photo for Rowlux by Miceli Productions.

When many people are using their mobile devices on the go, their attention span can be limited to short browsing periods of a few minutes each, as they come and go to content. When you have great product photography, you can quickly capture someone's attention, giving them the push they need to find additional information about your business.

There are so many businesses competing for the same audience of consumers. You just cannot ignore the needs of your consumers. Consumers need to see high-quality images that will motivate them to add the item to their shopping cart and purchase. It is easy to have high-quality photographs on your e-commerce website and your social media networks. Are you ready to target your audience with high-quality product photos? Contact us today.

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