What 3 videos should every business have? Find out here.
What 3 video should every business have? Find out here. Post by Miceli Productions, CT video production company.

"Content is king" is an expression you've heard plenty of times in the past. While the landscape of content marketing is ever-evolving, one thing remains steadfast: content, whether it is in the form of text, video, or something else, will always be one of the most effective ways to convey an important message to your target audience, and get you one step closer to securing more paying customers. When it comes to content creation and marketing in the form of video, there are a few key things that businesses of all size should keep in mind. Every business should have these three videos to invest in to strengthen their marketing strategy and brand identity.

Every business should have...

  1. The "Who We Are" Video: THE "ABOUT US" VIDEO, post by Miceli Productions. CT Video production.Why rely solely on a generic "About Us" website page when you can really grab the attention of your website visitors with an engaging video? If you are trying to get your target audience to absorb information, clearly you don't want them to be bored. That just means there is an increased chance of them wandering away and going off to one of your competitors. A video is more interesting because it allows your viewers to actually see the literal faces behind your corporate image. They can see real people (your employees and your company team) instead of just reading about them and seeing one photo of them. This will boost the chances of viewers developing not only a greater interest in your business, but an emotional connection to your company and your company team.
  2. The "Behind-The Scenes" Video:THE "BEHIND-THE-SCENES" VIDEO, post by Miceli Productions. CT Video production. You don't have to be a marketing expert or public relations professional to know that people by nature are curious, inquisitive creatures. They love to be let in on a secret. They like to be "in-the-know". Capitalize on this by including a behind-the-scenes video of your company and your team at work. When you are working on an exciting new venture or planning to introduce a brand new product or service, consider making a video about the experience and sharing it with your target audience. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, primarily to build up hype and get your target audience more intrigued about what you are doing. Creating a video like this will also give your viewers, particularly your loyal followers, a sense of inclusiveness and appreciation, letting them know you value them as customers and as people.
  3. The How-To Video: THE "HOW-TO" VIDEO, post by Miceli Productions. CT Video production.People are addicted to how-to videos these days. They can watch videos of people making mouth-watering dishes for hours or watch a tutorial on how to do makeup and hair. Consider including one (or several) how-to videos in your marketing campaign. If you run a clothing line, do a video on the fifteen different ways to wear one of the scarves that you sell. If you own and operate a bar, create tutorials on fun, seasonal cocktails. Get creative about how you can film how-to videos and if you develop a large, loyal viewership, consider regularly churning out new videos every week or month. The key to successfully creating how-to videos is to use a mix of information and entertainment. Today, people have become more sophisticated in the way they receive content. They do not want to be informed without also being entertained and they don't want to be entertained without also being informed. Find a blend of both and make sure to infuse these key ingredients into every how-to video you make.

Every business should have these three cornerstone videos as part of their marketing efforts.
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