Why should I use a professional for my social media photos?
Why I should use a professional for my social media photos? Post by Miceli Productions PHOTO + VIDEO, CT Photographer

Virtually everyone owns a camera these days. Just grab your smartphone, open up the camera app, click away, and get some pretty high resolution images. Having a camera everywhere you go is great for all kinds of businesses who rely on images for a giant chunk of their marketing efforts, particularly on social media. So if you have a built-in camera right on your mobile device, why would you even bother with hiring a professional photographer again, particularly for social media? In this post, we will take a look at why using a professional photographer for your social media marketing campaign is not only still relevant, it comes with a lot of added benefits.

  1. It's One Less Job For You: Social media marketing is now a full-time job. As someone who runs a business, you'll often find yourself asking when you are supposed to find the time to wear multiple hats at once. The reality is you can't and you shouldn't. Every successful business owner understands how vital it is to delegate tasks and social media should be a part of that. And clearly, images come with the territory. Instead of spending a couple of hours every day snapping, uploading, editing, and captioning photos with appropriate keywords for SEO on Instagram, Facebook, and similar social media websites, give the task of capturing excellent photos to a professional photographer. This will free up your time immensely, which in turn, ends up saving you money (while allowing you time to make more money).
  2. It Strengthens Your Brand: Social media users want to look at pretty photos; not images that (though it may be relevant to your business) are blurry, drab, or downright uninteresting. When you work with a professional photographer, this will never happen. They will always deliver and provide you (and your social media following) with images that captivate. And when you have a social media account loaded with impressive imagery, it strengthens your brand identity and makes you more ubiquitous online. Don't hurt your brand by snapping and uploading photos that don't intrigue people.

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  3. You Can Achieve The Best Representation of Your Brand: You as a person are definitely a part of your company's image, no matter the size of your professional entity. As a business professional, particularly the owner, your face must be a part of the brand. And if your face must be seen by the public, you want the best representation of yourself possible. When it comes to having a photo of yourself uploaded on your personal social media accounts, LinkedIn profile, on your website, or across any other marketing literature, you want a head shot that makes you shine. Invest in a professional head shot that gives off a professional first impression and therefore makes your brand stronger.
  4. Your Products (or Services) Can Have The Best Representation Possible Too: Just as you want a professional head shot that gives off an unforgettable, positive first impression, you want what you are selling to give off a great first impression too. Although social media should be used to connect with your target audience, build relationships with them, and strengthen your brand, rather than blatantly advertise to your following, you can and should include a photo of what you are selling every once in a while. But that photo has to make a lasting impression. If you rely on the services of a professional photographer to shoot your products, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting a top-notch photo that will impress your audience.

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